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The Festival of Suffolk is hugely exciting and it’s coming soon!  One of the most imaginative suggestions coming from Suffolk churches is that across the county we create hundreds of Prayer Spaces; not just in churches but in schools, libraries, pubs, churchyards and so on, the sorts of places that inspire people to linger and want to pray, even if they don’t usually.


We have seen many prayer spaces over the years so, the imaginative touch paper is already lit, some may just be used to a candle stand in the corner of a church, so if you haven’t seen a properly-curated prayer space before, can we encourage you to google the many and varied prayer space ideas on the website? So much is possible and they are simple to set up and can have a disproportionate impact on those who come across them.

Fill out the form below to access additional resources.

Encourage those in your congregation who like using their imagination and creativity and who like helping others to pray and then let’s see what we can do together, to get involved. There’s no pressure. But if your church feels it wants to create a prayer space, do let Helen Smith know and we’ll make sure we pray for you as you help others to pray. And be sure to send us your pictures which we’d love to put on our Facebook page, you can send those to Becky Luetchford

(by sending photos you are giving permission for these to be shared on our social media and website)


Example Prayer Space Downloads-

Prayer Spaces for the Festival of Suffolk

Untitled design-12.png

Let us know where you'll be setting up your Prayer Space. You will be taken through to a page with additional resources you may find useful and also sent an email with a link to that page so that you can return to it.  

If you lose the link and want to access the resources again, just resubmit your information in the form below...


Your Prayer Spaces...

Don't forget to send us photos of your Prayer Spaces-

Wetheringsett CofE school


Prayer Spaces for Ukraine - Honington CEVCP School


All Saint Church, Wickham Market (26th May- 5th June)


Long Melford CofE Primary School

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We're always here to pray for you and your communities.
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All prayer requests will be kept confidentially and not shared publicly.

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